Thank You to Legislators

Thank you for your vote in opposition to SB 1019.  By standing up to a very vocal minority, you showed honor, integrity and great personal courage as a legislator. 


Police officers are men and women who serve the cause of justice daily.  When thousands of brave California law enforcement officers take the oath to serve and protect their fellow citizens, they answer a vital calling and accept a profound responsibility.  We stand in admiration and gratitude for their service.


That is why our organization is so thankful that you voted against Senator Romero’s SB 1019.  We agree that proper oversight is essential to preventing and punishing police misconduct, but officers who have not been charged with a crime should not have their reputations tainted.  In many communities, including Los Angeles, independent citizen commissions have proven successful in holding confidential hearings on police discipline ensuring peace officers are held accountable while also protecting their privacy and safety.


We hope that this latest defeat of SB 1019 ends the legislature’s attempt to overturn the California Supreme Court and State Constitution, which protect the confidentiality of peace officer personnel records. We appreciate your strong leadership and hope you will now be allowed to return your attention to the state budget, economy and other important legislative priorities. 


Very truly yours,




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