Police Commission -Police Profiling

The Los Angeles Police Commission is engaging in

Police Profiling


On many occasions I believed it was in the best interests of the residents of Los Angeles for me to attend meetings of the Los Angeles Police Commission.


Residing in the San Fernando Valley I made the morning pilgrimage to Downtown Los Angeles. (Imagine the freeway traffic at 8:00AM). Once reaching my destination I found a suitable parking site which put me in walking distance to the meeting location. ($8.00 for parking).


The police commission meets the Parker Center 150 No. Los Angeles Street, Los Angeles. As you enter the police building you must first check in at the front desk. This requires you produce ID and then sign in. After passing through a metal detector you are good to go!


Pick up a copy of the agenda and once you find you item of concern, you fill out a speaker card to get your two minutes to address the Commissioners.


All of the above was the easy part.


You then get to sit and watch the process unfold before your very eyes.


I had the privilege to be at the meeting where the LAPD’s report on Racial Profiling Complaints was presented to the Commissioners.


In spite of intensive and extensive investigations, no substantial evidence was found to validate any of the complaints.

In spite of conducting the investigation under the scrutiny of the Federal Consent Decree, no valid evidence was found.


The report gave the Commission a clear bill of health on the department in the area of Racial Profiling. 


Instead of praising the efforts of the Department and the professional police work of the men and women in Blue, the Commission took the low road.


The political and activists roots of the Commissioners filled the room with the odor of distrust and contempt for the Police.


With the exception of one Commissioner, all others expressed disbelief that no officers were found guilty of the charge.  After all they were police officers; they must have committed the offense. The investigations were called into question because; after all it was the Police who conducted them!


So not only are the commissioners alleging Racial Profiling but a Police Cover UP as well.


With absolutely no evidence and solely based on sheer contempt and distrust, the Commission is ready for a witch hunt or even worse a lynching!


No Evidence of wrong doing was seen as it was there, but not found.


Even though investigations have been conducted by several agencies, the result was the same, NO Evidence of Racial Profiling!



With the professionalism of an elementary school playground monitor, the Commission has concocted a solution to their quandary, Mediation. Mediation? yes mediation.

Sort of like going to the principal’s office and getting at the true feelings which were responsible for the unsportsmanlike behavior.


Here is the picture for those of you still in your seats.


Street thugs and gang members know that all complaints against police officers are logged in and become a permanent part of the Officers record. Whether proven or not, valid or not, imagined or real, they are a part of the Officers File. As a result gang members intentionally file complaints against officers who interfere with their criminal activities. Get enough complaints and who needs evidence? Where there is smoke there is fire, right?  WRONG!


Now the Police Commission wants the Officer, a Supervisor and the person filing the complaint to hear their sides of the story.


As the commission put it, the people may even get and apology…


What is the Officer going to get? Will that complaint be removed form her file? Who will be representing the Officers best interest?


Clearly it is not the Commission and as we have seen in the recent past, it is not the Chief or Command Staff.  Since the LAPD has become a political football, reduced to doing the bidding of Politicians and being the firs line of sacrifice, we are residents must stand up for justice of our men and women in Blue.


Contact the Police Commission and voice your objection to this Mediation Policy. Here is a link to the Commission, just click on the Presidents link and Mr. Mack link and send them an e-mail. If you can find a fax or telephone number, follow up as well.



Thank You,

David Hernandez













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