Financial Disclosure Wrong for Los Angeles

Below is an article which appeared in the Los Angeles Times on August 23, 2008.,0,1184340.story


The issue is regarding the Financial Disclosure demands the Police Commission and the Chief are imposing on Officers who work the gangs and narcotics units.


As a community advocate and advocate for fair and just treatment of our men and women in Blue, I have been following this issue very closely. Having attended several Commission Meetings and City Council meetings where this was discussed and testimony heard, I am convinced those forcing this action fall into two camps.


First are the Commissioners, who with the exception of one have no clue what they are doing. They are merely reacting on preconceived prejudices against authority (except their authority). This has become a personal battle of egos.


Next there are those who know without a doubt that these policies will do nothing to prevent corruption but favor any action which might resolve the Consent Decree demands. They care not of any of the consequences to Public Safety.


In reality both are in error. In listening to them speak, they never miss and opportunity to demonstrate their ignorance of the motion they either voted to implement or are expounding in their bloated rhetoric.


Whether it is the lack of knowledge of the far reaching requirements and imposition on the Civil Rights of the police and their families or the ability to force the officers to comply, no one except the Los Angeles Police Protective League has a clear grasp of the situation.


With the Judge believing he as a former Prosecutor has more experience than the men and women of the Police Protective League and the District Attorney, it is clear this decision must be appealed!


Just who are the Board members of the Police Protective League?  Here is a link to their web site. You be the Judge, think they have enough experience to make a rational decision on the real consequences of the Financial Disclosure issue.


Now take a look at the Homicide Data for Los Angeles and tell me where the Police Commission should be forcing their efforts



In Your corner and in their corner,


David Hernandez






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